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Candela Hawaii is a one-stop shop for local business, startups, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored for the unique challenges that your company faces in Hawaii, from business legal services to public relations and marketing, long-term strategic planning to event curation and production.

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and neither should our services. When you need the services that we personally don’t specialize in, we have people who do. Our extensive affiliate network provides premium ancillary services including accounting, bookkeeping, graphic and website design, event vendors, insurance, real estate, construction, and more. We bring together in one place the expertise and experience to cover all your needs for your business to excel.

Your Passion is Our Passion

If you’re running your own business in Hawaii, you know first-hand that the work is tough, and there’s always a LOT to do. Time is short, and time is money. To maximize both, Candela Hawaii helps you focus on what you do best. You take care of your passion; Candela will take care of the rest.

We believe that, to best serve you, we must understand your business and industry inside and out. Our job is to fully comprehend your narrative – the challenges you face, the opportunities you face, the people you serve, and the laws you must follow.

That is why we take an industry-focused approach to our services. By narrowing our scope to industries that we are passionate about, we develop the fundamental knowledge to better anticipate your needs and develop tailored strategies relevant to your business. Your passion becomes our passion!
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At Candela, we’re breaking the mold in how we deliver legal and consulting services to your business. “I love billable hours!” said no one ever. Expensive hourly rates multiplied by unknown hours of work equals big bills [Sad Face]. We’ve learned that this traditional model is too rigid and unfriendly to many businesses and non-profit organizations. So we’re changing things up.

We utilize a lean overhead model to ensure that our prices don’t price you out. We don’t need an expensive office and fancy artwork to give you quality advice. Without the fluff, we have the financial freedom to pass those savings onto you, and to be creative and flexible in structuring a fee arrangement that works for your business. Whether it’s a flat-rate, pay-as-you-go, or monthly retainer or subscription, we will tailor a payment that fits your budget. See more about our progressive pricing model.

Let’s Hang Out

Let’s talk story. No strings attached. We offer free consultations to learn about your needs, goals, and budget. We’re always ready to chat over coffee or a glass of wine, at your place of business if it’s tough to get away. Plus, we love to experience first-hand how our clients’ businesses run and see their passion in action.
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